2018 Human Resources Compliance Webinar Series
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The Human Resources Compliance Series Features 5 Webinars in 2018. Webinars are 1 hour long and take place at 1pm CT.

  • March 29 - Essential Employee Handbook Updates.
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    There have been a significant number of changes on federal, state, and local level that have an impact on workplace policies and employee handbooks.

    We will cover some of the important changes that have happened in the last few years including:

    EEO Laws |  Sick Leave | Minimum Wage | State and Local Laws Providing Employment Protection for Additional Protected Classes | NLRB Rulings and the Disclaimers you Need in your Handbook

  • May 9 - Recruiting Compliance - Are You Putting Your Company at Risk?
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    Do you know how to conduct an effective and legal interview?

    Can you put your company at risk by asking the wrong questions?

    What is the best way to make a hiring decision?

    We will cover how to conduct an effective and legal interview and provide tips to help identify candidates that will be a good fit for your organization.

  • July 11 - FLSA & Avoiding Potential Wage & Hour Violations.
    Rule and Exemptions | Update on the DOL Overtime Rule | Whether Your Employees are Properly Classified as Exempt vs. Non Exempt | Wage and Hour Violations | Legal Liability | Are you Meeting Compensation Requirements for Meals, Breaks, Travel, Trainings.

  • September 12 - Leave Management: Do You Know Which Laws Apply to Your Organization & Which is Required?
    Federal, state and municipalities have required employers to provide employees with leave of absence. Do you know which laws apply to your organization and which is required?

    Join us for FMLA, Chicago and Cook County Sick Leaves, Illinois Sick Leaves, Absenteeism, Maternity Leave and Other Requirements of Recent changes.

  • December 5 - Discipline & Discharge: How to Document Employee Discipline & Conduct Terminations.

    We will cover the basics of proper discharge including documenting discipline and conducting legal terminations.

    Preventing Costly Lawful Termination Lawsuite | EEOC Claims | Avoiding Litigation | Building Your Case - Verbal Warning, Written Warning, Suspension | Progressive Discipline System

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