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Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training-1

Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention

Training Software

ALL employers in Illinois (regardless of size) are required to provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees including full time, part time, seasonal, interns, etc. on a calendar year basis. 

The deadline to complete the training is December 31 every year.

We are offering employers access to an inexpensive software that will help you easily manage this compliance requirement.

  • Set up your employees in minutes
  • Track training completions
  • Download certificates of completion
  • Email reminders auto sent to employees that haven't completed the training
  • Mobile friendly
  • High-quality on-demand training
  • Professionally produced training content with interactive quizzes
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Employee and mmanager-specificsexual harassment prevention training
  • Access to support if you need assistance

Here's a 3 minute video showing how easy it is to administer


Here's a 3 minute preview of the 2022 Illinois sexual harassment prevention training video

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  • Under 100 employee sized companies = $45 a month per company no matter how many trainings you use - can add up to 100 employees. 
  • Over 100 employee sized companies = $90 a month per company no matter how many courses you use, - can add up to 500 employees. 
  • 500+ employee sized companies please contact info@GoCGO.com for pricing.
  • In addition to the Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Trainings, we'll give you access to 150 additional workplace safety and compliance trainings (COVID-19, Diversity, Cybersecurity, Ethics, Workplace Safety and much more) at no extra charge. You can view the full list of training topics here.

Questions? Email us at info@GoCGO.com


  • "The training went well!  I thought the content was good and it wasn’t overly time consuming.  I loved the ease of the system and allowing everyone to do it at their own convenience.  It was helpful to be able to keep tabs on each assignment as well. Thank you for all the help!"

    - Sarah Lawler, Lawler Brown Law Firm