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Is your company looking to provide high-quality employee training without spending a fortune?

  • - Easy-to-use LMS
    - Very inexpensive
    - Includes 150+ professionally produced workplace safety and compliance trainings.

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Employee Training Software


Employee Training Software for Small Business


Fulfill compliance training requirements like state-mandated sexual harassment prevention courses with our software!

Our cloud-based learning management system is easy to use and provides the perfect training for your employees – no matter what their level of experience. Plus, our low-cost and transparent pricing makes it an affordable solution for any small business.

With our software, you can provide the best possible online training for your employees quickly and easily – and at a fraction of the cost of other learning management system solutions on the market today.

Real Client Testimonials

Over 100 companies are using this learning management system. Here's what a few of them have to say about it:

"The training went well! I thought the content was good and it wasn’t overly time consuming. I loved the ease of the system and allowing everyone to do it at their own convenience. It was helpful to be able to keep tabs on each assignment as well. Thank you for all the help!"

Sarah Lawler Accountant/Office Manager at Lawler Brown Law Firm

Sarah Lawler
"The LMS is an intuitive system, easy for users to navigate. Not only does it have the required Illinois sexual harassment prevention training, it also has many other safety and management training courses available making it a really cost effective and useful training system."

Annie Rosenstock Senior Human Resources Manager at DuPage Children's Museum

Annie R
We have enjoyed the training modules. It makes it so easy to keep track of staff completion and it takes the stress out of locating different trainings.

Peggy Neal HR Manager at Primo Center

Peggy Neal

CGO provides our online LMS and it has been a game-changer for us.  It is much easier to use than some of the other programs we’ve had in the past and the assortment of courses is phenomenal!  CGO keeps up the communication on local training requirements as well and is always willing to receive feedback on courses/topics to add.  This service has been a true value add for us!

Rachel Reger Director, Human Resources at XSport Fitness

Rachel Reger LinkedIn Photo

This lms for small businesses is easy to use, provides high quality trainings, and is very inexpensive. 

Easy to Use: 

  • Set up your employees in minutes
  • Track training completions
  • Download certificates of completion for the courses
  • Email reminders auto sent to employees that haven't completed the training
  • Access to support if you need assistance
  • Mobile friendly
  • Here's a 3-minute video showing how easy it is to administer:

High Quality On-Demand Training Courses:

  • Includes access to more than 150 workplace safety and compliance training courses
  • Professionally produced training content with interactive quizzes
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Employee and manager specific trainings
  • Option to import your own custom trainings

Course Catalog

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment


Very Inexpensive and Transparent Pricing:

  • Any company can afford this
  • 1 year commitment is required with the option to pay monthly or annually. If you'd like to pay for the year up-front there's a 10% discount.

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Nope! This is a web-based tool - no downloads are necessary. Employees just go to the training website to view their courses. Since it is a website, they should be able to access it from any device although from our experience it works best on a desktop/laptop and with the following internet browsers: Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Please note - an email address will be needed for each employee. This can be either their work email or a personal email (Gmail, Yahoo etc). We just need some sort of email address to send the employee their welcome email so they can create a password for signing in. Once that's been done, they won't need their email again unless you want them to receive course assignment notifications and automated reminders.

Yep! We're confident you'll find our LMS to be really easy to use and fulfill your needs to be able to assign employee trainings, track their progress, and download reports and certificates of completion. We encourage you to give the learn management system a try before deciding to buy it and we're happy to give you a 2-week free trial. Just complete the form at the top of this web page to make your request.

We believe we have one of the most affordable training software prices on the market. Our pricing is transparent, flexible, and inexpensive. There are no set-up or support fees. You pay a flat rate for your company depending on how many users you'll have. If you have less than 100 employees, the cost is $45 a month. If you have between 100 and 500 employees it is $90 a month. If you'll have more than 500 users, let's chat about custom pricing. You can choose to pay monthly or for a 10% discount, you can pay for the full year upfront.

Yes. We ask all companies to agree to a 1-year agreement. For those that opt to pay monthly, once the 1 year is up your subscription will be auto-renewed unless you tell us you no longer want it. You can cancel any time after the 1 year is up, we just ask for a 30-day cancellation notice. For those that opt to pay annually, your account is not auto-renewed we will reach out to you shortly before the 1-year agreement expires to see if you'd like to renew your subscription.

Our employee training system is very simple to use. First, your company will designate a portal administrator (you can have as many admins as you'd like). We will then give the administrator(s) access to the portal admin site which is where you can preview trainings from the course catalog, assign trainings, track employee progress, and download reports and certificates of completion. To add employees to your training software you can choose to type them in manually or import via an excel spreadsheet. Trainings are then assigned by segmenting your employees into different groups (like managers, employees, or perhaps by location - this is totally customizable and you can make as many groups as you'd like). Once you've set your groups you then choose which training(s) you want your employees to have access to. So although there are 150+ workplace safety and compliance trainings, the employees will only see the courses you select for their group to have access to. The last step is to set a due date. The system will send automated email reminders to your employees leading up to the course due date. You can track their progress through your admin dashboard and download a course completion report and certificates of completion.

Yes, we offer ongoing phone support! Training portal administrators will have a point of contact you can reach out to directly during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30am CT to 4:30pm CT). You will have that person's direct phone number and email. Your employees will also have a support option (mainly for things like assistance logging in). We'll give you a phone number that you can distribute to your employees to call if they need help.

It's a quick turnaround. At most, it should only take us 1 business day to activate your training software. Upon special request, we may even be able to have it set-up within an hour. The most time consuming part of set-up is adding your employees to the system. But even that is a breeze if you have an excel file with employee names and emails all we need to do is import the excel file. You can do the import yourself with the provided template, or we'd be happy to do it for you.

Learning management systems are a type of software that helps businesses administer, track and report employee learning. LMS platforms often include features such as e-learning content, social learning tools and performance tracking. LMS software can be used to onboard new employees, deliver training courses and measure the success of employee learning programs. In addition, LMS systems can help businesses save time and money by automating the delivery of training content. For these reasons, LMS platforms offer a number of benefits for businesses that are looking to improve employee learning.

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that businesses use to manage employee learning. LMS platforms provide a central repository for all training materials, making it easy for employees to find and access the resources they need. LMS software also includes tools for creating and delivering online courses, tracking employee progress, and assessing results. By using an LMS, businesses can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their employee learning programs. LMS platforms make it easy to create and deliver high-quality training content, and they provide valuable insights into employee learning and performance. As a result, businesses that use LMS platforms can improve employee productivity and engagement.

Yes! We have a lot of trainings available, more than 150 workplace safety, employee success, compliance, and HR courses. Here is a link to view our most recent course catalog.

The sexual harassment prevention trainings are updated annually. Many of the other courses in our catalog are also updated each year - if there's a year listed in the course name that generally indicates it is updated annually. For courses that do not have a year in the title, the frequency of course updates is up to our content provider on an as-needed basis.

Yes! This is the best lms for small businesses due to our transparent and inexpensive pricing which allows you to pay a flat rate for your company. If you have less than 100 employees, the cost is only $45 a month and if you have between 100 and 500 employees it is only $90 a month!


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