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Vision, Mission, & Core Values

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Our team came together over the course of several sessions to define a clear vision of the organization we desire to be and wrote it down in the form of Mission, Vision, and Core Value statements. Many of the principles we came up with have already been in place at our organization, but now we are clarifying and communicating to current and future employees that this is what we stand for. Our team is excited to build upon the legacy Tom Connor & Dan Gallagher started back in 1997, and we will use the following Mission, Vision, and Core Values to guide our everyday actions.

Words We Live By

Our Vision

Delivering the power of OneSource to insure your assets and support your people.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional customer service and expert consulting for your insurance, human resource, payroll, and retirement needs.

Delivering custom solutions for our clients while being insightful, accessible, reliable, and efficient.

Our Core Values

CGO is passionate about our core values:

  1. Exceptional Customer Service
  2. Your Trusted Advisor
  3. Positive Energy
  4. CGO Cares
  5. Winning Together

The Meaning Behind Our Core Values

  1. Exceptional Customer Service - We strive to deliver the best customer service experience every day. Our team is incredibly responsive, helpful, we are clear communicators, and always look to do what's best for our clients.

  2. Your Trusted Advisor - Our team of experts always conducts themselves with the utmost integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness. We aim to earn the right to be considered more than just another vendor, but rather a trusted advisor to your business.

  3. Positive Energy - We are a team of positive, upbeat, optimistic, caring, appreciative, and grateful people. We seek to bring this positive energy and attitude into every situation.

  4. CGO Cares - Our team works hard to have a positive impact on our community. We put this into practice through our charitable arm, CGO Cares, and support a different organization each month through donations or volunteer work.

  5. Winning Together - We win for our customers by delivering the best product and customer experience. We win for our carrier and vendor partners by delivering growth to them. We win for our employees by providing them with a place where they can grow, develop, and provide for their families. We all WIN TOGETHER.



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