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We’re a service-oriented employee benefits broker that emphasizes proactive strategies and cost control.

Healthcare Cost Containment

Healthcare costs continue to rise. For savvy employers, this requires constant vigilance to keep benefits expenditures in line with corporate financial objectives.

The success of your business depends on satisfied, productive employees and a healthy benefits program to attract and retain them. Cost containment of those very programs is crucial to keeping your company profitable.

Your HR Department’s Right Hand

Connor & Gallagher OneSource provides employers with the tools to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving workforce and market demographics.

As a premier employee benefits broker and consulting firm that specializes in midsize businesses, we go beyond brokerage to become your HR department’s right hand. Service is our business, and our unwavering commitment to you.

Connor & Gallagher OneSource Model vs. Traditional Brokerage Model

The CGO Model

  • Cost-focused consulting: long-term strategic planning partner
  • Compliance (ERISA, ACA & HR)
  • Unparalleled proactive day to day support
  • Technology implementation & management partners
  • Transparency: commission & stewardship reporting
  • Market partnerships

Traditional Brokerage Model

  • Insurance program marketing & negotiation
  • Reactive customer service

Long-Term Strategic Planning Partner

How would you summarize your current strategic plan to control healthcare costs?

The insurance market has conditioned employers to focus on costs in 12-month increments — one renewal to the next. This is ineffective and ultimately harmful to your bottom line. At CGO, we will work with you to build a multi-year strategic plan that reduces the amount of healthcare your employees use and the amount you pay for it. A strategic plan is the most important thing your employee benefits broker should deliver.



How confident are you that you’re 100% compliant in the areas of ERISA, ACA & HR?

Since the passage of ACA there has been an explosion of regulations that employers must comply with – as your consultant our job is to make certain you’re in compliance with each and every regulation pertaining to your group benefits offering. We do this by providing you with an annual compliance review and through strategic partnerships with ERISA counsel, ThinkHR and other compliance vendors.

Unparalleled Proactive Day-to-Day Support

Does your current employee benefits broker help you fix problems or do they help you prevent them?

When you call and need an answer, your dedicated team will be there. Responsive customer service should be a given. At CGO we do more than just provide outstanding day-to-day customer service. Our proactive approach and annual service model will help you and your employees avoid problems.

Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation & Management

Are you efficient and effective when communicating with your employees?

Each year technology plays a bigger role in how employees enroll and understand their benefits. At CGO we bring cutting-edge solutions to you that can help your organization get to the next level of automation. Whether you’re moving away from paper for the first time or you’re ready to move to our fully integrated OneSource HRIS platform, we have the solution that’s right for your culture and budget. Our expertise and service will guide you through a successful implementation.


What is the value of your current agency relationships? What are you paying for it?

Do you know what you’re paying your employee benefits broker and what you’re getting for it? We believe in transparency & accountability at CGO so we work with you each year to lay out key service initiatives and track our progress through the year. You never have to wonder about the value of your relationship with CGO.

Market Partnerships

The way employers are offering healthcare & benefits to their employees is rapidly changing. Does your renewal include all the options the new market is delivering?

At CGO we’re proud of the market partnerships we’ve built with key carriers like BCBS, UHC, Humana, Cigna, Aetna, Guardian, Principal, Lincoln, MetLife, & Further but that is only the beginning. The market has exploded with alternative funding arrangements and affordable care plan strategies. 


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