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Open Enrollment Requirements and Tips for Employers

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In this webinar we:

  • Help employers prepare for enrollment
  • Remind you of important rules and compliance requirements
  • Offer tips for maximizing enrollment
  • Highlight tasks the CGO benefits team will take off your plate

Recording date: September 6, 2018
Run time: 49 minutes

Meet the Presenter:

Lupe Salgado

Director of Client Services
Employee Benefits Division
Connor & Gallagher OneSource

Lupe has close to 30 years of employee benefits experience working on both the carrier and brokerage sides.

Some of her specialty areas include the development of personnel and procedures that enable the Employee Benefits Team to deliver the highest level of customer service and strategic consulting. Lupe also serves as an additional resource for Employer's High Level Issues as well as overall performance of our service teams.


This webinar is for educational and/or informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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