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BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois

CNA Logo Claim Number: 877.262.2727
Billing Number:
Illinois Casulty Company Claim Number: 800.455.3726
Billing Number: 800.455.3726
Employers Logo Claim Number: 800.232.3085
Billing Number: 800.682.6671
Third Coast Underwriters Logo Claim Number: 866.641.2328
Billing Number: 312.443.4044
Liberty Mutual Logo Claim Number: 1.800.225.2467
Billing Number: 1.800.824.7317
Travelers Logo Claim Number: 800.238.6225
Billing Number: 800.252.2268
West Bend Logo Claim Number: 877.922.5246
Billing Number: 800.573.1323
OneBeacon Logo Claim Number: 877.248.3455
Billing Number: 877.434.3900 
 Allied Insurance Logo Claim Number: 866.322.3214
Billing Number: 866.322.3214
Grange Insurance Logo  Claim Number: 800.425.1100
Billing Number: 800.445.3030
Philadelphia Insurance Logo  Claim Number: 800:765.9749
Billing Number: 877.438.7459 
XL Insurance Logo  Claim Number: 866.614.2751
Billing Number: 610.968.2954 
Amerisure Insurance Logo Claim Number: 800.554.2607
Billing Number: 630.281.4000 
 Harleysville Group Logo Claim Number: 800.892.8877
Billing Number: 800.338.8301 
 The Zenith Logo Claim Number: 800.440.5020
Billing Number: 800.440.5020  
 AmTrust Financial Logo Claim Number: 212.220.7120
Billing Number: 212.220.7120  
 Selective Logo Claim Number: 866.455.9969
Billing Number: 800.777.9656 
 ICW Group Logo Claim Number: 800.877.1111
Billing Number: 877.442.9669  
Society Insurance Logo Claim Number: 
Billing Number: 
 Fireman's Fund Insurance Company Logo Claim Number: 888.347.3428
Billing Number: 800.227.1700 
The Hartford Logo  Claim Number: 800.327.3636
Billing Number: 860.547.5000  
 IPMG Logo  
 Chubb Logo
Acuity Logo  Claim Number: 1.800.242.7666
Billing Number: 1.800.242.7666  
 AIG Logo Claim Number: 877.638.4244
Billing Number: 877.638.4244   
 Cincinatti Insurance Companies Logo Claim Number: 513.870.2150
Billing Number: 513.870.2000   
Palum Bermens Logo   Claim Number: 800.752.1895
Billing Number: 800.752.1895   
 Zurich Logo Claim Number: 800.987.3373
Billing Number: 800.382.2150   

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