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How to Remodel Your Health Plan

Remodel Health Plans

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For most companies, building an affordable health insurance plan your employees love can seem hopeless. That’s why we designed Remodel Health… to give companies the confidence you can build a health plan your employees love, at an affordable price. This webinar series will show employers a high-level overview of how to structure your health plans to offer better benefits for less money.

Episode 1: "Intro to Remodel Health and the General Contractor"
Recorded May 25, 2022

This first episode shows employers a high-level overview of how to structure your health plans to offer better benefits for less money.


Episode 2: "Pharmacy Benefits"
Recorded June 8, 2022

In this episode Mike Kroupa is joined by Nathan Gabhart, Founder of TrueScripts. In this video Mike and Nathan discuss 1. How prescription drug costs are impacting your health plan and 2. How to help your employees save money on their medications. In the end, you pay less and you're providing a health insurance plan your employees love!


Episode 3: "Managing Catastrophic Claims for Your Company's Health Plan"
Recorded July 13, 2022

Inflation is high, there is a war to find talent and when it feels like it can’t get worse a recession lurks around the corner. Leaders are looking for ways to recession proof, but they often look beyond the health plan as it feels hopeless to make meaningful changes without cutting benefits.

The fact is the health plan is often the #2 or #3 expense for employers and catastrophic claims are the primary driver. If you want to have a meaningful impact on your health plan, you must manage catastrophic claims. Aligning with the right partner and rewarding your employees for making the right decisions can do just that.

In this webinar Deb Ault, President of Ault International Medical Management, shows you how to manage these claims. By watching this webinar, you'll learn:

  1. How quality data leads to better decisions
  2. How waiving ALL out-of-pocket costs also saves the health plan money

In the end, you pay less and you're providing a health insurance plan your employees love!


Episode 4: "The Most Impactful Benefit Employers Can Add for Employees"
Recorded August 10, 2022

The war for talent continues to be a challenge when attracting and retaining talent. Employers are offering higher wages, sign on bonuses and more work from home time just to remain competitive. Medical benefits used to be a differentiator but for most employers, it can feel hopeless to use this as a tool anymore because employee premiums and deductibles increase every year. But what if there was a way to make your benefit plan stand out amongst your competition?

In this episode of Remodel Health (powered by CGO) we're joined by Alex Lickerman, Founder of ImagineMD to show you how proper primary care is the most impactful benefit employers can add in the ongoing war for talent. By attending the webinar, you'll learn:

1. How a simple change in payment model transforms the time patients get with their Primary Care Physician
2. How more time with a doctor leads to happier employees, lower out of pocket costs AND lower employer costs

In the end, you’ll have a medical plan that is truly a differentiator.


Episode 5: "The Framework of a Successfully Remodeled Health Plan"
Recorded September 14, 2022

When remodeling a home, the framework is one of the most important pieces. Without walls in the right place or the right support structure, things will not work as well or fit as intended. The same thing is true in an employer health plan. That’s why choosing the right third-party administrator (TPA) is so important.

On September 14th, Remodel Health (powered by CGO) hosted a webinar with Eugene Starks, owner of Acuity Group, an independent TPA. By the end of this episode, you’ll learn why an independent third-party administrator is key to a successfully remodeled health plan.


Final Episode: "How to Start Remodeling Your Own Health Plan"
Recorded October 12, 2022

We have spent the last 5 months outlining the Remodel Health Process and identifying the key sub-contractors that make a Remodel successful. None of this happens if you don’t have the right General Contractor managing the entire project.

This final episode is led by the webinar series host and General Contractor, Mike Kroupa, of Remodel Health (powered by CGO). By the end of this episode, Mike will provide you with a project plan so you can walk away from the series and start Remodeling your own health plan.


Who is this educational series for?

  • CEOs, CFOs, HR Professionals, and anyone else responsible for making employee benefit decisions for their company 
  • In general, the methods we will be teaching can be used by employers with at least 50 employees
  • Every organization is different, and not every concept will be a good fit for your company. But the goal of these monthly episodes is to help you identify which strategies you could implement to eliminate wasteful benefits spend at your organization.

Who will be teaching the courses?

Michael Kroupa, Director of Health Plan Analytics
at Connor & Gallagher OneSource (CGO)

Mike 215px
Health Rosetta

I grew up in a house that was constantly under construction and the experience helped me uncover one of my passions, remodeling. After running a successful remodeling business with my brother during college, I decided I wanted to keep this as a hobby. Instead, I took my advisor’s recommendation and started down the actuarial path, which ultimately led me to insurance.
Since then, I have focused my career helping employers understand their benefits spend and providing solutions to help them control their costs. I found myself frustrated year after year of doing the same thing because it didn’t feel like I was making an impact. Healthcare costs were continuing to increase, and it felt like all employers were doing was increasing deductibles, increasing contributions, and switching carriers.

There was a turning point for me in 2020 as I found Health Rosetta, an ecosystem for scaling adoption of practical fixes to our health care system. As my clients started adopting these fixes, I found myself getting passionate about what I was doing for the first time. Then I realized my hobby of remodeling was driving the passion because I was remodeling health plans. Since then, I’ve decided I only want to work with clients that want to remodel their health plans. Whether a client wants to remodel one room at a time or go all in, I’m excited to show them the destination and walk them through the process to get there.

Want to chat with Mike about your health plan?


Email the event coordinator Matt Venhousen at mvenhousen@GoCGO.com