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Getting An Appointment With Your Doctor

Getting an appointment with your Primary Care Physician when you need it is like trying to find a general contractor during the height of COVID.

But what if getting an appointment was as easy as going to the gym? If you pay for doctor visit just like you pay for a gym membership, it can be that easy.

Watch the video below to learn about the concept that is changing the way Primary Care is delivered. This week I define the concept and next week, I'll tell you how it will benefit you (and your employees).

Today's topic: What is direct Primary Care? Many companies claim their direct primary care and they simply aren't so I'm here to set the record straight direct Primary. Care is a change in payment model from fee-for-service to membership fee for service. Primary Care means that every time you go see the doctor you and your employer pay a fee for that service 99% of health insurance plans are built this way. That means if you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, or Humana, you have fee for service Primary Care membership. Based Primary Care is just what it sounds like you or in this case. Preferably your employer pays a monthly subscription fee for Primary Care Services this membership fee buys. You unlimited Primary Care Services with no additional co-pay. When you go see your primary care doctor, it works just like a gym membership. So you can go one time a month or 10 times a month in the cost is the same. That's it. Direct Primary Care is simply a change in the payment model for Primary Care Now. That being said it prompts another question. What does direct Primary Care do? Look, the simple answer is it creates more time with the patient and the physician the detailed answer though requires a whole another video. So stay tuned for next week to learn more. Thanks.

About the Author

Mike Kroupa, Self-Funding Insurance Expert

I grew up in a house that was constantly under construction and the experience helped me uncover one of my passions, remodeling. After running a successful remodeling business with my brother during college, I decided I wanted to keep this as a hobby. Instead, I took my advisor’s recommendation and started down the actuarial path, which ultimately led me to insurance.
Since then, I have focused my career teaching employers how to better manage their health insurance plans. I found myself frustrated year after year of doing the same thing because it didn’t feel like I was making an impact. Healthcare costs were continuing to increase, and it felt like the only options employers were left with was increasing deductibles, increasing contributions, and switching carriers.

There was a turning point for me in 2020 as I found Health Rosetta, an ecosystem for scaling adoption of practical fixes to our health care system. As my clients started adopting these fixes, I found myself getting passionate about what I was doing for the first time. Then I realized my hobby of remodeling was driving the passion because I was remodeling health plans. Even better, I was having an impact because patients (employees, spouses and children) were getting the best care they ever have and saving a lot of money in the process.

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