Connor & Gallagher

Connor & Gallagher OneSource (CGO) is an independent business insurance broker in Lisle, Illinois since 1997.

We serve organizations in the areas of insurance, employee benefits, HR, payroll and 401k.

We have in-house consultants and customer service teams specializing in each field.

Business Insurance
Protect your company with proactive and cost-effective risk management programs, strategies and insurance solutions.
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Employee Benefits
Attract and retain satisfied, productive employees with a healthy benefits program while keeping in line with your corporate financial objectives.
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Retirement Plans*
We aim to optimize your retirement plan by reducing costs, meeting your fiduciary requirements, and educating employees to save for retirement.
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HR & Payroll
Consolidate the requirements associated with employment-related functions in a streamlined, paperless and cost-efficient solution.
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The value of partnering with CGO is optimized when you have us manage your Business Insurance, Employee Benefits, Retirement Plan, Payroll and Human Resource programs on one integrated HRIS platform. Should you not need the fully integrated approach, each solution can also stand alone to fit your unique business needs.
Connor & Gallagher
Connor & Gallagher

Why CGO?

Dedicated Service Team

Your team will consist of licensed client support representatives that provide timely and accurate day-to-day support; and consultants who are experts in their respective fields and position your business for cost control and long-term success.

Continuous Education, Safety and Reducing Costs

Our goal is to help you understand what factors affect your insurance costs and then help you implement practices that will bring those costs down.

Leading Technology

With our payroll and HRIS software, you can administer the entire end-to-end employee experience in one paperless platform.

Stay in Compliance

It’s challenging for businesses to stay on top of the ever-changing laws, rules and regulations at both a federal and local level. Failure to do so can result in fines and penalties. We help our clients stay in compliance in the areas of ERISA, ACA, HR and OSHA.

Privately Owned

We are a privately held company. That means we can focus our attention on our clients, not our quarterly results.
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