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Financial Wellness Programs in the Workplace

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CGO is excited to offer a new financial wellness benefit!

We're delivering the best in class financial wellness program in the workplace benefit to help create stronger, healthier and more productive employees.

The key to a strong organization is a vibrant workforce. However, 64% of employees say that financial issues are the #1 source of stress in their lives. (American Psychological Association, "Stress in America" survey 2015).

Watch our webinar to learn why financial wellness programs in the workplace is the fastest growing benefit in the United States and how it can change the lives of your employees.


  • Why Financial Wellness Programs are Trending
  • How Financial Wellness is Beneficial for Both Employers and Employees
  • An Overview of our Financial Wellness Program
  • Go Over Results from Implementing a Financial Wellness Program

Recording Date: March 21. 2018
Run time: 41 minutes


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