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HR + Payroll
Our Administrative Services Outsourcing (ASO) solution puts your payroll, benefits, HR administration and 401(k) administration all in one place.

Streamlined & Cost-Effective Solutions

Most businesses are already outsourcing payroll, employee benefits and retirement plan services to multiple service providers.

Common results of this practice are multiple invoices and information systems, multiple contacts, layers of paper and a great deal of time wasted. Our ASO model is designed to consolidate the requirements associated with employing people into a streamlined and cost-effective solution.

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Solutions for Every Step of the Way

We help manage the entire employee life cycle from
application to retirement.
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Electronic Applicant Tracking System
  • Dynamic cloud-based tool
  • Generate professional job descriptions and postings to multiple job boards
  • Documentation of all communications and correspondence with applicants
  • Electronically store and organize candidates and resumes
  • Generation of offer letters and replies
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Paperless New Hire Onboarding
  • Single demographic data entry populates all tax forms, I-9 and internal company documents
  • Electronic enrollment in employee benefit and retirement plans
  • E-Click signature verification for employee and managers
  • Dashboard monitoring of all new hires in process
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Cloud Based Payroll Processing
  • Electronic File Transfer and Submittal of Approved Payroll Data
  • Processing of all Federal, State, and Local Tax Filings including Levies and Garnishments
  • Electronic Direct Deposit Notification and Electronic Pay Cards
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Integrated Time & Attendance Interfaces
  • Embedded PC Punch In - Out for Desktop Users with Direct Payroll Interface
  • Workforce Management Solutions with Advanced Scheduling
  • Biometric - PIN - Time Clocks with GPS Punch In - Out for Remote Users
  • Job Analytics and Labor Cost Management
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Automated Paid Time Off Management
  • Set up of Multiple Rules and Accrual Methods
  • Electronic Employee PTO Requests and Manager Approvals
  • Integrated Administration of all PTO Data for Managers
  • Notification of PTO Balances on Paystubs and Employee Portal
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Human Resources Administration and Management Services
  • Remote On Call HR Consulting and Support Services
  • Ongoing Policy Manual Development and Updates
  • Interactive New Employee Orientations
  • Documentation of Disciplinary Actions
  • Leave Management
  • FLSA Compliance
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Benefit Plan Administration
  • Integrated Payroll - Benefits Enrollment and Employee Life Change Event Processing
  • COBRA – FSA Administration and Payment Processing
  • Eligibility Tracking and Enrollment Administration
  • Enrollment Rules Set Up and Payroll Deduction Processing
  • Carrier Invoice Reconciliations and Payment Processing
  • ACA Compliance Monitoring and Filing
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Open Enrollment Management
  • Preparation of all Renewal and Employee Documents
  • Automated Open Enrollment Administration
  • Processing of Plan Election Changes with Benefits Carriers
  • Processing of all Payroll Deduction Changes
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ACA Compliance Management and Reporting
  • Integrated Payroll and Benefits Data Management
  • Ongoing Employer Compliance Monitoring
  • Integrated 1094-1095 C Report Generation and E-Filing
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Multiple Employer Plan
  • An additional benefit of being a CGO ASO Client is the opportunity to become an Adopting Employer in our Multiple Employer 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan. Under this arrangement your Plan Assets are consolidated with those of other CGO Clients under a common contract. All assets and plan testing continue to be exclusive to your company and participants while providing the following additional benefits.

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Benefits of Our Multiple Employer Plan
  • Transfer of Named Fiduciary, Trustee, and Plan Administration from Client to CGO
  • 40 Qualified Investment Options 
  • Participant Education through a Registered Investment Advisor
  • Complete Plan and Compliance Administration, Loan Processing, Rollovers
  • Elimination of current TPA and Plan Expenses
  • Elimination of 5500 Filing and Annual Audit Expense (if over 100 eligible EE’s)
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Electronic Employee Recordkeeping
  • Executive Dashboard with YTD New Hire – Turnover – Payroll – PTO – OT Analysis
  • Electronic Storage and Maintenance of all Employee Data
  • Employer Forms Management and Document Storage
  • Employee Self Service Portal – Online W-2 and Paystub History
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On Demand Reporting and Audit Management
  • Comprehensive Standard Scheduled Reporting Options
  • Smart List Builder for Custom Report Generation
  • Job Analytics Costing and Labor Distribution with G/L Interface
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Performance Management Tracking
  • Automated Scheduling of Monitoring of Employee Reviews
  • Compensation History and Benchmarking
  • Documentation of Disciplinary Actions
  • Total Compensation Statements in Real Time
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Data Management Tracking
  • Licensing and Registration Requirements
  • Training Certifications and Scheduled Updates
  • Company Property Issued at Employment

Your Ultimate Business Solution

Our ASO model offers the ultimate solution for businesses looking for administrative relief and professional management of their employment and human resource practices.

By integrating payroll, employee benefits, 401(k) plan requirements and employment administration into a streamlined and efficient system that results in a single point of delivery, our clients can reallocate internal resources toward more strategic initiatives that drive better business results.


Traditional & PEO Models vs. Our ASO

To better illustrate the potential benefits, let’s look at some traditional HR processes compared to our Connor & Gallagher OneSource (CGO) ASO model.

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