7 Misconceptions and Facts About Life Insurance

Misconception #1: Unlike other assets, life insurance policies do not need management and regular review to avoid risk and optimize performance.

Fact: Policy performance can change dramatically over time. Without regular review by an insurance expert, policies - especially older ones - can pose very significant risk or not achieve their original goals. 

Misconception #2: If the client pays premiums according to the schedule in the original insurance illustration, the policy will pay at death.

Fact: Even with regular payment of premiums projected from the original policy illustration, policies can fail if not monitored properly.

Misconception #3: If the policy was in jeopardy, the carrier would notify the client in advance.

Fact: Carriers will not necessarily provide advance notice of policy problems to trustee owners of TOLi policies.

Misconception #4: If one carrier has turned down the client for insurance, it is not possible to get adequate coverage from another carrier.

Fact: The competitive nature of the insurance industry means that it is often possible to secure appropriate coverage from a highly rated carrier even if another carrier has already rejected the client.

Misconception #5: Premiums will remain level for the life of the policy regardless of economic conditions or interest rates.

Fact: Premiums are always a reflection of the insurance carrier's cost of providing coverage, current interest rates, and other economic conditions. Any of these changing factors can cause the premium rates to change.

Misconception #6: Policies purchased many years ago are cheaper than current policies because the insured is older.

Fact: Improved mortality rates as well as better underwriting and policy features created by industry competition often produce less expensive coverage on new policies (or increased coverage for the same premium).

Misconception #7: If the client no longer needs the insurance coverage provided by a policy, the only option is to surrender it to the carrier for relatively little value.

Fact: A variety of alternatives, including improved life settlement opportunities, make it possible to gain substantially greater value than that provided by cash surrender to the carrier.

Life Insurance

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