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Employee Wellness Programs

Chronic illness, health costs, and lost productivity are all on the rise. Companies that are not proactive on these issues do so at their own detriment.

Perceived Roadblocks, and the Map to Success [video]

Healthier employees cost less and are more productive.

With employers increasingly viewing a healthy and productive workforce as a business imperative and a source of competitive advantage, many employers are adopting employee wellness programs as a way to create a financial advantage for their organization.

Watch this insightful on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs
  • The Potential Cost Savings
  • Can a ROI be Measured?
  • Tools and Resources Available to You
  • Core Elements of Success
  • What to Look for in a Wellness Vendor Partner
  • The Role of Meaningful Incentives
  • Employee Education Opportunities
  • And more!

Interested in learning more about what an employee wellness program can do for your workforce and bottom line?

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Meet the Presenters:

Joe CLark, VP, Bravo Wellness

Joe is a corporate wellness expert that empowers employers and health plans to achieve their most challenging wellness goals: proven reduction in health risks, measurable decreases in the benefits cost trends and strengthened overall team performance and culture. 

Peter Krynski, Benefits consultant, connor & gallagher Onesource

As an employee benefits expert, Peter educates and consults mid-sized businesses on their health insurance programs.

Recorded: July 12, 2017

Duration: 34 minutes

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