Best LMS for Small Business

Are you part of a small business looking for an easy and affordable way to manage training your employees? If so, then a Learning Management System (LMS) is the ideal solution. Choosing the right LMS can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. In this blog post, we will share the key features to look for in the best LMS options and we give our top recommendation for the Best LMS for Small Businesses. Let's get started!

Best LMS for Small Business

What is an LMS and Why Is It Beneficial For Small Businesses

An LMS, also known as a Learning Management System, is an employee training software that helps organizations manage and educate employees. Companies can use this software to create educational courses, track employees’ progress, and download completion reports and certificates of completion. With the power of an LMS, firms both large and small can provide the best training to their staff efficiently and cost-effectively. Employee training offered through user-friendly software like an LMS helps keep employees in the know on important topics such as safety protocols or compliance requirements, allowing them to be more productive while avoiding added stress or expense associated with teacher-led instruction. Small businesses can reap all the benefits of an LMS without having to pay for expensive subscriptions, making it the perfect solution for businesses that want a quick and easy way to train their employees.

What to Look for in the Best Learning Management System for Small Business

When it comes to selecting a Learning Management System (LMS) for your small business, there are several key factors to consider. First, you need a LMS that is easy to use and both employees and administrators can quickly learn how to utilize. Second, look for an LMS that offers great customer service to provide consistent support and timely responses. Additionally, make sure the LMS you choose has tracking capabilities that allow you analyze employee training progress and course completions. Cost is another important deciding factor when choosing the best LMS for your business; ensure the one you select has all the features and functionality that fit within your budget. With these considerations in mind, you can confidently pick an effective and reliable Learning Management System customized specifically for your small business needs.

Our Recommendation for the Best Learning Management System for Small Businesses

Zywave Learning is our top recommendation for small businesses in search of a Learning Management System. Zywave Learning provides an easy-to-use platform packed full of beneficial features for small businesses. Here's why we picked Zywave Learning as our #1 small business training software

  • Easy to use - with just a few clicks employers can assign trainings to their employees. This system is very user-friendly for the course takers as well. All they need to do is sign in and click the play button.
  • Robust employee training catalog - includes about 200 professionally produced video trainings ranging in topics from workplace safety, compliance, HR, manager success, diversity, cyber security, state-required sexual harassment prevention trainings and much more. The trainings contain interactive videos, including quizzes, to ensure employees are engaged.
  • Very inexpensive - through us you can subscribe to this platform for just $45 a month per company (that price is for 100 employee users or less. If you have more employees than that we can get you custom pricing).
  • Quick setup - The onboarding process is quick and easy. Your portal can be ready the same day you make the purchase. Just import your employee list and you're ready to start assigning courses.
  •  Includes tracking and reporting capabilities - With this employee training software you can look at your assignments dashboard to get a quick snapshot of who has completed their training assignments or who is past due. Employers can also download an excel file report which will provide detailed information including the employee name, course(s) they were assigned, their course status (not started, in progress, or completed), and course completion date and time. Finally, there's an option for learners to download their course completion certificate and account administrators can also download those certificates.
  • State-required sexual harassment prevention trainings included - California, Connecticut. Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York and have mandated sexual harassment prevention training requirements for employees. The city of Chicago and New York each have their own requirements as well. Zywave Learning has trainings meeting the requirements of each of these states and cities.
  • Custom training option - Through Zywave Learning's custom video import feature, employers have the ability to assign their own custom training modules to employees. (Note - the file needs to be a SCORM file type in order to be uploaded).
  • Many of the courses have both English and Spanish options
  • Employers can set course completion deadlines and automated email reminders
  • Free trial - available upon request
  • The platform is mobile friendly
  • Helpful support - Zywave support phone line for employee login assistance and our team is also available to help you.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right LMS for Your Small Business

When choosing the right learning management system for your small business, there are many factors to consider. Be sure to weigh the cost, features, and ease of use. Also keep in mind that most platforms offer free trials so you can test out an LMS before committing to it. Taking advantage of these trials is essential in making sure the LMS meets all of your needs. Ensure that it works with the devices and learning styles of your business employees, delivering engaging content at each step along the way. With this combination of research, exploration and consideration, any small business should be able to find an effective and reliable Learning Management System (LMS).

We've set-up a LMS for over 175 small businesses and we'd be happy to help you too!

Here at Connor & Gallagher OneSource (CGO), we can help you get setup with one of the best LMS for small businesses based on our extensive research, customer reviews and personal experience. Our top recommendation is Zywave Learning, a user-friendly and highly effective platform that meets all the necessary features to help your business assign e-learning videos. So if you're looking for a Learning Management System, look no further than Zywave Learning. Take a look at our recommendation today and start setting up your next virtual training session!

More information about Zywave Learning can be found here: 

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